Jamal doing Linda Evangilista's hair 4.jpg

I completed my professional education at a private beauty academy. While working at the beginning of my career in one of the top salons in Beverly Hills, my clientele consisted mainly of lm and television celebrities and other high-pro le faces.however, I  found that I was yearning to push himself creatively. As a result, I  began doing test shoots with photographers, assembling a body of image-based work that positioned him to move into the world of editorial, fashion, lm and runway work around the world. Jamal credits his training in Paris from the highly-respected hair guru, Odile Gilbert, as one of his most valuable professional experiences.

Around the same time, Jamal met Louis Licari, widely considered one of the most accomplished hair colorists in the world. Their meeting was a timely blessing, and Licari introduced Hammadi to Linda Evangelista. The two clicked immediately and shortly thereafter, Evangelista ew Jamal to London to work on the cover of British Vogue with her. They’ve worked together ever since.

Jamal’s signature product line, Hamadi Beauty Organics, a line of luxurious products made with organic essential oils and all natural ingredients.  Along with Odile Gilbert and Louis Licari,   I owe my mom and dad a big plug… they were both very creative my mom could  make anything and always kept me grounded … and my dad was an amazing chef, and great  with his hands, and well yes a green thumb in the garden too, my parents were immigrants from Paris in the 50’s so moving to another country with  my older brothers, and not knowing anyone or speaking English very well, they were  hard workers and incredible gifted beings… I applaud them for giving me the opportunity to be respectful and give back this is my way… today I have been winding down on my co-creation with Sunsilk, i have been traveling around the world for 10 years and its nice to be it has been a wonderful partnership but its time for the next chapter… I am currently working on another beauty essential brand coming soon and using my hands in an organic ways while working with pottery, i am in love with hand building, working organically and creating shapes and textures in new ways.  This is when i feel the most creative...combining different kinds of art forms makes me whole... Going through life working with my hands and being able to make woman feel beautiful and men looking and feeling great. Creating textures, shapes and movement is my art form. I’m grateful to be doing hair and working with such talented artists.

Jamal Hamadi.